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Final Preparations, No Really

I hope to in one week be able to upload the final version of Built for Murder to Amazon, Apple Books, and Smashwords for pre-ordering sales. That is, give or take a day or two if everything works out. Still … Continue reading

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Mid-NaNoWriMo Report

For my very first attempt at it, NaNoWriMo is going well. I’m not going to make the 50k words goal of the normal NaNoWriMo, but I think I’ll get to 30k without too much trouble. And that 30k will make … Continue reading

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The State of Things

Sent a new version of Saving Brackett Station out for review. One of the early readers thought the beginning was a bit slow, and I agreed. Over a few hours of editing I managed to winnow the text from approximately 5,600 … Continue reading

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The Murder Marathon

It’s now been 10 days since I started my new project, a murder mystery called Built for Murder and I have to say its become some of the easiest writing I’ve ever attempted. I’m completing almost a chapter a day and … Continue reading

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