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Final Preparations, No Really

I hope to in one week be able to upload the final version of Built for Murder to Amazon, Apple Books, and Smashwords for pre-ordering sales. That is, give or take a day or two if everything works out. Still … Continue reading

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Amaranthine Dreams Published

My 3rd short story Amaranthine Dreams, covering the adventures of young Hieronymus has finally made it to the public.  Just uploaded files everywhere and as soon as they work through the system you can download them all from the usual … Continue reading

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Minor Progress to Report

Finally, after what seems forever I have some small bit of progress to report. Sat down and edited chapter 2 of An Empire Forgotten. One of the goals in this edit is to reduce some of the tedium present in … Continue reading

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Posted Chapter 24 – The Bridge

Synopsis: Archer and Hieronymus make their way out of the Nest while Magmouskain and party make their way to the Third Gate. The parties meet up again only to be attacked by draekken. Hieronymus summons an ofnejinn to defend them … Continue reading

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