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Garbage In, Garbage Out

I am finally feeling motivated to write some more. As always I’ve got more ideas than time to write them all and I’d really like to get some of the longer pieces finished and released, specifically Built for Murder mystery novel … Continue reading

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On Short Writing Hiatus

Writing at casa Turovich is on hold for the moment as I’m up in Missouri attempting to renovate a rental home for eventual sale with my brother’s help. Truth is, Kevin knows much more about fixing things than I ever have and so … Continue reading

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An Awesome Week of Writing

Since Monday I’ve managed to average almost 1,600 words per day for a total of 9,555 words on various projects. The majority of work went into Built for Murder with another three chapters within spitting distance of being done and … Continue reading

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Another Chapter Completed

I know the killer! Okay, I knew who it was earlier but now I could talk about them. The new plot I worked up over the weekend was inspiring. Managed to write over 2200 words today on  Built for Murder following my … Continue reading

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