Wouldn’t You Know It?

Barely 5 days after declaring the manuscript for Built for Murder golden I’m getting feedback from a beta reader with a host of excellent comments. It was not something I planned but its happened and now I’ll deal with it. That means I’ll review the edits, the comments, the suggestions, and overall feedback to make the story stronger and easier to read. To do less would lessen the story readers will encounter, and I don’t want that, not at all.

Therefore I’m delaying the publication of BfM for at least 30 days to make sure I can receive and integrate all the new feedback into the manuscript to make it the best it can be. So, right now I’m thinking late May will be when it’s ready for release. If the feedback comes in sooner then I’ll release it sooner.

The good thing is, the book is being self-published so there is no real release date I have to hit to satisfy anyone other than myself. And I believe if I’m happy with the result then readers will be as well.

It’s a disappointment, no doubt about that. The manuscript has been under development for nearly 3 years and I was all ramped up to kick it out the door and see what kind of acceptance it would get. Now that’ll have to wait and I’m hoping the final-final will be even better than the golden version I have right now. So maybe golden-golden version? Or double-gold?

In the meantime, onto finishing Storms on an Opal Sea and the novella Alexiandrölarn.

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