Storms and Built are in the Race

Both Storms on an Opal Sea and Built for Murder appear to be near the end of their final editing phase. If so, there’s a good chance that both will be released within a short time of their completion. Not sure how I feel about that but its not something I can ignore.

Since Built for Murder is a novel I’ve decided that it will get precedence over the short story. Yes, Storms has been years longer in the writing but the release of my first novel length manuscript definitely outweighs the release of a short story, any day.

Storms has been getting some great critiques with lots of useful suggestions and comment which I plan to implement. When that’s done I should end up with my best written and strongest short story I’ve ever released. I hope you think so as well.

So, the current plan is to release Built for Murder at the end of May and follow it in a couple of weeks with Storms in June.

Also, Alexiandrölarn will soon go under the alpha viewers knives and I expect to improve as well.

We’re getting so close, I just can’t wait.

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