Getting Closer on AEF: Alexiandrölarn

Only two chapters left to finally finish the AEF: Alexiandrölarn novella and both of those are nearly complete. Just some minor corrections to make sure everything comes together at the end and Bob’s your uncle.

Also, several chapters of Festival of Murder are being critiqued even as I write this and getting nice comments, with the usual list of things that I overlooked, like punctuation! I try so hard and it still acts like a slippery fish when I’m writing. Oh well, we do the best we can.

Meanwhile, the slow pace of sales on Built for Murder is mildly depressing. GoodReads has sent me a note saying they are stopping their ad campaign service and to request my money back. As of today there are over 3000+ views and zero (0) clicks! Argh! The Amazon ad campaign is slightly better. It at least is getting a few clicks which means people are checking it out but not buying. Maybe I need to rewrite the book blurb to make it more appealing?

Barring that, I am considering adding some releases to the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) so people with a subscription can at least read them. If I can get a few nice reviews that help sell the stories then it will be worth trying. No decision yet but am seriously considering it.

Have investigated and learned how to send drafts directly to my reviewers via the Kindle email on their devices or apps. That should make it easier on both ends to rapidly turn around updates and material. Got it to work on my iPad, now just need them to add my name to their Kindle sharing list.

Been a busy summer all around but I’m hoping all the hard work pays off in the end. If not with money then at least good reader comments and reviews I can put into my book of clippings.

Labor Day in the USA is upon us and then I’m scheduled for jury duty next week. That means I may be somewhat time restricted, but hey, my wrists need to take a break anyway.

That’s all for now.

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