2013 Was a Good Year for Reading

So I was wandering around the web today catching up on some of the writer blogs I visit when I came across Mette Harrison’s post Books I read in 2013–the Complete List, which of course got me thinking about how many books I read last year. Since most of the ones I read were in digital format I decided to check my list of orders from Amazon to see. There I found that I had purchased 123 ebooks in 2013 to read. Of that list there were maybe 7 that I never completed.

Then there were the actual printed books I bought this year, mainly dealing with technical subjects of which there were 3. In addition, I did some serious listening to audio books last year as well, with a count of 13 audio books of which only 1 has yet one to be listened to.

So the final count is:

Digital books:   123  (-7 unread)
Printed books:     3
Audio books:      13  (-1 unlistened)
Total books:      139 (-8)

Looks like I consumed around 131 books for the year 2013, or an average of about 10.9 books a month.

Not bad, not bad at all.

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