I Broke Down and Bought One

I couldn’t wait anymore and succumbed to the pressure to buy a 15-in MacBook Pro as a replacement for the MacBook Air I’ve used for mobile writing these last few years. Came with a 256Gb SSD, 16GB RAM, and an I7 Intel CPU with speeds that make the MacBook Air look anemic. It’s a gorgeous machine with an amazing retina screen (my first on a Mac).

I have to say my writing never looked better. LOL

The best feature so far is the Touch Bar fingerprint sensor. No more password typing to log into my account. Instead I simply press a fingertip against the sensor and boop, I’m logged in. Nice. Very nice.

The Touch Bar also provides dynamic function keys based on the current frontmost application or the standard FN keys of the macOS. Still not using it to find app options there yet but I’m sure the habit will settle in as more developers update their applications to take advantage of the hardware. Looks slick and modern but not sure how truly useful it will be. I guess only time will tell.

Got the important stuff installed but will need some more time to get it right. Always seems to be one more app or utility to install but I’m getting there.

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