A Mystery on the Way

Built for Murder (temp cover)

Am in the final stages of completing Built for Murder, my first novel length mystery. It’s the first of a planned trilogy around a young ex-Marine detective named Erich Rambles. He’s lives and works in Austin Texas, has a girlfriend who runs her own catering business and is rather droll and earnest and reserved. His first adventure involves a troubled renovation project and the death of its popular star. It then veers out of control from there.

The manuscript is out getting a final review from my beta readers. When their comments arrive I’ll make another pass to fix any reported problems.

Meanwhile, I’m doing another round of edits, and making plans to order a cover design. Assuming everything works out it should appear as an ebook sometime in April 2019.

UPDATE: Work is proceeding toward the final release. I’m editing a chapter or two a day and waiting on reader feedback. Once those are in I’ll make a final pass and call it done. I’ll also be ordering a custom cover instead of creating my own. Its another first for me and I think a good idea.

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