It’s Getting Official Now

Just ordered a custom cover for the release of Built for Murder from 99Designs. Up until now I’ve created my own short story covers using licensed images from various online resources, Photoshopped them using the Acorn software, and my decades old training in design and composition.

I’ve always tried to do the best I could within a small budget, costing around $30 in licensing materials + $0 for my time. Some of my best cover work includes An Angry Mountain and Prince of Mules. To date none have paid back in sales the costs to create them. So up until now they’ve been vanity projects, not really serious, but I’m hoping to change that with this release.

There are several reasons for that including IMHO;
• short stories aren’t big sellers
• most ebook distribution sites don’t have top 100 short story lists, and
• people prefer books to shorts most of the time (barring popular authors of course)

The cost for the cover is higher than if I were to do it all myself, but I’m hoping the original design will enable BfM to be more visible and achieve a few more sales than my short stories ever did. Should have an initial review copy later this week and a final shortly thereafter.

OTOH: Final editing is going well with only 4 chapters remaining out of 28. I’ve also used this pass to refine some scenes to make them more internally consistent in tone and stronger in voice, and clarify some of the actions.

That’s all for now, back to editing.

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