Storms Still Alive

Finally making some headway on finishing my short story Storms on an Opal Sea, possibly the oldest idea in my to-do projects folder. Creativity and energy have been radiating out of me so I’ve been jumping from project to project and making progress on them all.

Yesterday I got the initial draft cover for Built for Murder to review, which I did, and then sent back suggestions to more closely align with my ideal concept. I loved the composition, the title font, and the images used. I expect to see the final draft RSN and start thinking about promotions for the release.

Am really making an investment in this release, far above what it costs in time or money for one of my short stories, but I think it’s worth the attempt. We’ll know in a few weeks when we release it.

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Now suffering in the hinterlands of Michigan while trying to transform myself into a fiction author. Don't wait up.
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