Final Preparations, No Really

I hope to in one week be able to upload the final version of Built for Murder to Amazon, Apple Books, and Smashwords for pre-ordering sales. That is, give or take a day or two if everything works out. Still have some issues to resolve but we’re getting there.

Right now I’m doing a final read through of the manuscript, and by read through I mean I’m reading the text aloud and fixing any problems I find. After all the passes by myself and my dedicated beta-readers I was pretty sure we’d killed them all. But, like cockroaches they seem to survive hostile environments effortlessly. We’re slowly but surely eradicating them one-by-one. And don’t call me Shirley!

I also made a test pass through Amazon and Smashwords to ensure I was up to speed with the publishing process and for those distribution sites it looks fine. Apple Books OTOH refused to recognize my user ID to upload any new material. I can edit any previously uploaded stories just fine, just can’t add anything new to the mix. Guess I need to contact them and find out what’s going on if I want to be ready on the release date.

Beyond that there are numerous other projects being worked on. As previously mentioned, as soon as Built for Murder goes out the door I’ll begin prepping Storms on an Opal Sea to follow. Am also finishing the rewrite of Alexiandrolarn so it can follow Storms out the door later this summer.

Also working hard on Ramble’s book #2, Festival of Murder for a winter release. If I make that date it will be the quickest book I’ve ever written and released, coming in at maybe a year?

Finally, a new Young Hieronymus story called The Will of Sorcery is underway with a follow up already blocked out to write.

Man, it’s nice to have ideas and energy to get writing done. Cross your fingers I can keep this up, assuming my fingers don’t fall off from all the typing.

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