Built for Murder Is Now Golden

In software terms I now have the golden master ready for duplication and distribution. It’s the final version ready for customers to read and enjoy. Monday I completed the final chapters live read through to rid those last pesky chapters of any remaining bugs, IE, missing words, extra words, awkward sentences/paragraphs/and story, to make it read as smooth as possible. Tuesday I edited the manuscript with all the changes and am now ready to begin the production stage.

Built for Murder is the best fiction novel I can write at this time.

After decades of technical writing its taken a major shift in styles, approaches, and technique to move to writing fiction. A long learning experience I hope to improve even more as I continue writing.

I’ll be spending the rest of the week doing countless iterations of making the epubs for uploading. That means three different versions as no one can simply accept a standard epub formatted file without some changes to meet the distributors requirements.

Tuesday, April 30 is fast approaching and there’s still a lot of details to iron out. Wish me luck.

About lfrank

Now suffering in the hinterlands of Michigan while trying to transform myself into a fiction author. Don't wait up.
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