Crits are Back, Time to Finish

It’s the start of October and time to begin with the final edit of An Empire Forgotten: Alexiandrölarn. All the feedback is here and it’s now just a matter of working through the problems and doing a final clean-up on the manuscript. If everything works out it should be ready for publication before the end of the month.

Another project (almost) completed! Yeah!

Working through the second Ramble’s mystery Festival of Murder as well with chapter nine in the works as I type this. Still need to organize some of the final chapters so events line up as necessary but don’t yet see any problems there.

And finally, started work on AEF: Choy as well. Some of the comments for Alexiandrölarn mention that the appendix chapter, meant to kick off events in the second novella was too busy. I’ll look at it again and if I’m unhappy I simply make it the start of Choy instead.

Time to get back to work.

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