The Long Pandemic Hiatus

It’s been a few months since I’ve updated the site and thought it might be time to remind folks its still here. Here’s some updates on my current projects:

Festival of Murder is still under construction. Chapter 12 has been a bear of a chapter to write as some events happen that will effect characters in both this book and the third. Am finding emotional beats are fracking hard to deal with right now, both due to the overriding world situation and my own narrow emotional canvas. But I keep chipping away at it.

Ditto for An Empire Forgotten: Choy as it too has my main characters meet for the first time and defining their emotional and intellectual relationship was critical to how the rest of the story plays out. It’s taken a long time but I finally have something I’m proud of that defines the emotional tones I want between the characters. Should make for a fun story going forward. Will be submitting it for critique RSN.

Prince of Mules cover
Prince of Mules

Finally, since nothing else was moving forward I decided to submit Prince of Mules for critiquing so I could do a major revision. Having been written and released almost 5 years ago I took advantage of not working on my other projects to get some feedback. Posted it in three parts and part one got more than twice as many critiques as any of my work ever has, which was both encouraging and overwhelming. Maybe they were just bored sitting at home? But I appreciate all the comments and it will definitely enhance the story once all three parts of commented on.

As for myself, I’m doing fine during this world crisis. I live in a small town that has only seen a trickle of infections, don’t go out except for food gathering, and actually enjoy the isolation and quiet. I have my daily routine of writing, gaming, reading, and eating, watching movies and shows in the evening and generally living quite the pastoral, non-eventful life right now. Not much different than what I did before the crisis, although I really miss hopping in the car and going to a local restaurant for a great non-home cooked meal. It’s not the cooking that annoys me, it’s the cleanup afterward.

Anyway, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Be safe out there, try to make the most of your free time as best you can, and be patient. There are a lot of triggered fools out there trying to push their agenda against a viral enemy that can only be conquered by time and discipline. Don’t be one of those idiots.

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