MacBook Air, oh Fabjoy!

My needs are simple. I surf the web, read email, run this website, write and edit my stories, play some games. Nothing strenuous for most Macs or PCs running today. Still, more speed is never ignored and in constant demand. Today’s modern computers are running dozens, nay, hundreds of background tasks all the time, each taking up some small portion of efficiency away from the current working application. Large files require seconds or minutes to translate and save to disk while users wait for it to end in order to continue working.

Well, no more.

The new low-end MacBook Air, Mac Mini, and MacBook Pro laptops with the first Apple Silicon (M1) have made a hardware generational leap into making those issues irrelevant. These low-end laptops and desktop machines are faster than every other Macintosh released in the last year excepting only the top of the line iMac Pro and Mac Pro models. Their battery life nearly double that of the previous releases; 17 hours video vs 10, 15 hours surfing vs 8. Getting through a complete 8-10 hour workday has now become a reality.

My MacBook Air showed up on Tuesday, two days before the committed delivery date. Haven’t done much with it so far except migrate the data from my MacBook Pro and test a few applications for usage but so far it works like dream. Snappier response to everything. Apps launch with barely one bounce of their icon, unported apps seem to run fine in Rosetta 2 and are even faster than when the ran on Intel. Amazing!

Anyway, just a shoutout to let everyone know I’m still hanging around. Hope everything is fine for you and your loved ones. Continue to take care and be mindful that we have yet to see the worst of this pandemic yet. With winter setting in, the environment is prime for a major surge in infections. Wear your masks, follow the guidelines when out and about to minimize your risk. You’ll be glad you did.

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