June Revisions Now Available

The Young Hieronymus series of short stories have been revised (June 2017) and released for your enjoyment. They include:

Storms on an Opal Sea cover

Since their release in 2013 I’d like to think I’ve learned and improved my craft in this fiction writing business and so going back to improve the originals seemed like a good idea. Updated the stories, gave them new edits, and generally had fun expanding on the originals in several minor ways. All for the good I hope.

I’ve already posted them to Smashwords and Amazon, so look for Apple’s iBooks soon. If you’ve already bought the stories then getting the updates should just require a new download. If you haven’t purchased them, now would be a good time to give them a look.

UPDATE: Work is progressing on Storms on an Opal Sea and Alexiandrölarn novella as well. I hope to kick them into shape by the fall.

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