In the Zone for the New Year

The other night I came home from a really busy day at the office. As I often do I sit down at my home computer and start browsing the internet to relax. When I was tired of that, it took all of about 5 minutes, I whimsically decided to open up An Empire Forgotten and do some tweaking of the current chapter.

Within minutes I was deep into my changes and just kept going. Some 3+ hours later I realized I needed some dinner, so took a break at Chuy’s for a Boom Boom refill (the best sauce in the world) and then returned. Three more hours and my rewrite was done, w00t!. The whole night just zoomed by, I was in the zone and loving it. Wish all my writing periods could be as productive. Anyway, sent that off to one of my critique groups last night after another quick pass through it. Maybe I’ll actually finish the novel one day!

Back on the ranch I’ve got edits for two stories that I’ve yet to rewrite. No work yet on Cold Justice while Storms on an Opal Sea is about 1/3 complete, while I need a good ending for Spirit Healer for Hire, my first urban fantasy. Must finish soon but there are just too many distractions right now between work and football. No matter who wins their league championships this weekend (49’s vs Seahawks or Patriots vs Broncos) I’m going to end up hating at least one team that appears in this years Superbowl. Can’t be helped.

Well, back to work, that rewriting doesn’t happen by itself.

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