Saving Brackett Station

Saving Brackett Station coverResearch Assistant Sharmaine Harper has about had it with everything. A newly minted astrophysicist and minor zero-g soccer player, she signed on to work in Saturn space, expecting to be on the forefront of new astrological discoveries. But when she arrived at Brackett Station, she discovered her real assignment was babysitting the station Personality as it performed the repetitious chore of collecting observational data so ‘real’ scientists could analyze the material.

Then one of Saturn’s moons disappears and she’s thrown into a desperate situation no one expected. When a mysterious stranger and an incoherent ship Personality appears and offers assistance, the situation veers totally out of control. It seems the fate of Brackett Station, Saturn, and maybe the entire solar system is suddenly at stake.

Can Sharmaine rise to the occasion and save both Brackett Station and Saturn? And where does that stranger get his fresh hamburgers?

A short story set in the Personalities Universe.

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Copyright 2015 by L Frank Turovich