OMG! Best Robot T-shirt Ever

Loved_Him_mockupSaw this on Boing Boing and had to order it immediately. Designed exclusively to infuriate pretentious sci-fi nerds from all the popular series.

Grab your own copy here.

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New Short Written with Annoyance

pacific_rimSo, in a pique of attitude I decided to rewatch the movie Pacific Rim to see if it really was a bad as I remembered. I know, I know, what the hell was I thinking? Not sure why I felt the need to subjugate myself to that level of bad writing and ideas when I should be concentrating on good films and books that will allow me to learn something.

Anyway, I only managed about 4o minutes of it before I just had to turn it off in disgust. But it disturbed me to no end. There is the core of a good story there but the level of incompatent writing and bad military strategy took me totally out of the movie. Sure, the CGI effects rocked as they do for most exploding/wild/insane blockbusters Hollywood puts out nowadays. The trend seems to be if you’ve got a real story, tone down the CGI effects. If not, blow something up every few minutes just for the hell of it. Pacific Rim is more of the latter than the former.

As I lay in bed that night trying to go to sleep the real reason the movie sucked as both an exciting story filled with dramatic tension exploded (sorry) into my mind. With it came the desire to write a more reality based version of the story, one that I feel corrects the most heinous of sins on display in the movie.

It’s not fanfic but more a sarcastic/realistic take on the real drama that the producers could have exploited instead of using the same tired tropes as seen in other monster movies like *COUGH* Godzilla *COUGH*.

After a few hours of work it’s done. I call it Pacific Dim.

Hope you like it.

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Pirates of Misfortune Released

Pirates of MisfortuneAfter a few hours with Acorn, my graphic program of choice, I had a pretty decent cover for my latest short story (see right), Pirates of Misfortune. Once the cover was complete it didn’t take long to upload the sources to all the necessary distributors. Smashwords was first as it distributes to many ebook distributors I don’t want to deal with, then Amazon to ensure the formatting is top-notch, and finally iTunes which is sometimes the most hassle to upload for.

So, another story available after a long desert of nothing, albeit with a lot of work going on that you’re not seeing yet. Things are moving along and while I sometimes wish I was a bit faster things are progressing. Mostly I feel like everything I’ve previously written needs updating to reach the new standard I’ve set for myself. I’ve learned so much that it seems unprofessional to release something that’s not quite up to that standard.

Anyway, I’ll add links soon as soon as the story gets released by the various distributors. Now, back to writing.

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A Good Week for Writing

Managed to do some serious writing this week as well as plenty of editing.

First, I outlined the last few scenes in Built for Murder to ensure that all the pieces in play would land where necessary so the story would end as planned. Then in a burst of energy I managed to write over 2300+ words to set all the final scenes in motion. Things were going so well I kept trying to break for lunch and couldn’t as I had just one more scene to write while it was in my head.

Then, because I can’t help myself I ran with yet another idea that burst into my head and started a new science fiction story placed in the newly named Personalities Universe series. Nemesis Probe fits in the universe as does this new story that includes my take on a very old cartoon character with an eating disorder I fell in love with as a child. I took that characters appearance and added a bit of Dr Who mystery and voila, a wonderful addition to the story. The outline of the universe is taking shape as I write the stories and I hope others will enjoy spending time there as well. As more information gets nailed down I might share a bit of this future with you.

Then I did a couple of days editing Pirates of Misfortune for release. Followed the helpful advise in a new writing book I purchased on editing and made several passes through the manuscript cleaning up what I thought was an already clean story into something tighter and more readable. And I learned a lot while doing it. I’m already finding myself writing slightly cleaner prose as some of the advise stuck and when I see it on the page I immediately eradicate it from the story. Should mean less editing in the future, fingers crossed.

Monday is the start of Apple’s WWDC conference so I’m looking forward to hearing about what’s coming up for the next year. Hopefully a new Apple TV as my current one is starting to crap out. Between HBO and other channels, it seems to abort itself way more often than I’m used to. My version is old enough that it can’t use the latest software updates so I’m sure that is part of my troubles.

The rain has finally stopped and the heat is creeping up on us now. Has been closing on 90 degrees for the last week which forced me to shut my windows and turn on the air to stop the sweating. Hopefully that means that grass mowing will be slowing down soon, which means I might become a happier man without yard work always threatening.

That’s all for now.

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Memorial Weekend Short Status Update

Just a short update to say I finished rewriting chapter 18 today of Built for Murder, which puts me 6 chapters ahead of my writing group for critiques. The new draft weights in at almost 60K+ words and 197 pages right now, so we’re doing just fine lengthwise.

Am also working on the finalized cover for Pirates of Misfortune. I’ve selected the final images and now it’s just a matter of combining them into something presentable. In an effort to blend in I went to Amazon and searched pirate stories to review their covers, to see what others were using to sell their stories and I have to say I was a bit disappointed in their choices. Seemed most of them think having a skull and/or crossbones somewhere on the cover makes it a pirate-themed book. I chose the other motif, a pirate chest. There, showed them.

Also, when I was looking for decent images for my cover I discovered that the number of Pirates of the Caribbean image ripoffs are beyond counting. Yeah, I know it’s a popular series just now, but come on, show a little imagination out there folks.

Am working on both An Angry Mountain and Storms on an Opal Sea (again, still, sigh) with renewed vigor as well. Am also plotting out the next Erich Rambles novel tentatively called Festival of Murder using a new character development technique I learned from Libby Hawker’s writing book called Take Off Your Pants.

Also, I’ve added a few excepts to my story pages to hopefully entice people into reading more, ahem I mean by purchasing them from any fine online ebook retailer that distributes them.

Finally, a sincere shoutout to all our veterans out there. While some chickenhawks think they can use you and then ignore you, know that there are many more of us who really respect and are proud of the service you performed for your country.

Semper Fi!

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