Still Waiting on a Kitchen…

Frankenfurter on GoTsWe’re still a month away from getting a new kitchen installed but everything else is slowly settling down, so much so that I’m really starting to feel the itch to start back into my writing projects. I’ve been avoiding it for the last few weeks for no good reason.

In the meantime I’ve moved into my house from the trailer and except for not being able to cook its going swimmingly. Got bedrooms setup and the office is nearly done with a larger desk and good lighting (thanks to my brother Ross). Only issue is the keyboard tray isn’t wide enough to support my keyboard, mouse and pad, and trackpad all at once. However, I’ve got a plan to fix that and then we’ll be set.

Network is still iffy at times. Not sure the AT&T cable modem is any good as it just seems to randomly forget it should be responding to web requests. I’ve tried running an ethernet line from it to my Apple router but half the time it forgets its even attached. Everything is done via Wifi when I’d prefer using ethernet whenever possible. I could replace the AT&T cable modem with my own but so far haven’t worked up the energy to do that yet. Would mean calling AT&T to get the cable modem access and then rework the entire home network into working. Need some mental energy and so far that’s been lacking. I did it once and it irks me to even think of having to do it again. Sigh, first world problems.

As for writing, on Monday I awoke with some ideas to improve a char in Built for Murder and ended up writing their history from their POV in my notes. It made their actions clearer to me then before and provided me some much needed background on which to base or rework some scenes to show their attitude.

I have continued to read and comment on papers submitted to the Austin Writer’s group I left behind. That at least is keeping up my interest in getting back into my own writing RSN.

That’s all for now. Hopefully I’ll have more thrilling news to report on my next post. Possibly even progress. Wouldn’t that be nice?

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Big Move Completed

Four days ago I arrived at my new home in Michigan after spending 3 days driving a moving truck with towed vehicle from Texas to Michigan. Fortunately I had the help of my wonderful sister Lynne to help keep my spirits up and kick me in the butt whenever I balked at the next chore on the massive moving list. The entire trip was done under cloudy skies and intermittent showers and well under normal highway speeds. I never knew how long a trip could be when you don’t attempt to exceed the posted speed limits. Let me tell you, it’s long.

The home I purchased is not new and needs some real TLC to make it really livable. I’ve got contractors lined up to restore the wooded floors that fill most of the rooms, painters to cover the base coat already there, and looking into a new kitchen that wasn’t built in the late 50’s. Call it two months and it’ll be looking really fine but in the meantime I’m using my brother Ross’ camper trailer to live in while the work is done.

Cat’s hated the entire journey. Three days in carriers to keep them safe, in a towed car, left them confused, scared, and very jittery. Follow that with the strange noises they heard from their safe bedroom while my family helped get things situated for living there. They’ve since improved once everyone else left and I could free them from their bedroom to do some real exploring. They still don’t have total run of the place but as they realize nothing will be attacking them in this strange new environment the should mellow out.

Today I got the internet hooked up and so am making up for lost time. It’s funny how this one simple communication channel so dominates my life now. So much so that only subsisting on my mobile cell connection was totally unacceptable. Reception is weak almost everywhere at my new location and its a miracle to see 3 bars when 1 tends to dominate.

Once I get over the stress of the move, get my contractors started and start seeing some progress I hope to start working on my projects again. My wonderful writing group in Austin has given me a wealth of notes to revise the next draft of Built for Murder and I’m thinking a couple of dedicated months of work will see it completed, finally!

That’s all for now.

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Big Move Coming Soon

Snow greets us in Mio while looking at houses.

Snow greets us in Mio while looking at houses.

The trip to find a new home was successful and my offer was accepted. No we just have to wait for the paperwork to wend its way through the system. If everything goes as planned the house should be mine before the end of April. That would be great as my current home has also sold and I need to vacate it by then so the new owners can move in.

Found an older home in the middle of Michigan that needs a bit of TLC but got it for a great price. Some paint, some floor work, and an updated kitchen will make it ideal. It also includes a full basement for whatever I may desire to add; a media room, a rental suite, or even a business site. Lot’s of possibilities to explore. Lived in the same town long ago so the area isn’t unfamiliar, just changed by the intervening years.

It’s time to start saying goodbye to all my friends in Austin. That will be saddening but necessary. Eighteen years means I’ve met a lot of people here and some have become very good friends. Sigh, not an easy task to do.

Anyway, got packing to do. Talk again soon.

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Slow Start for 2016

It’s been slow going here on pretty much everything. Not a lot of enthusiasm just now for a multitude of reasons as well as lots of activity getting the house ready to sell and working through all the issues of pre-moving, packing, and researching new destinations.

In three weeks the house goes up for sale, so lots of prep work to make it presentable for buyers. There are items to get rid of, things to pack, lots of cleaning and clutter removal, all the crap one has to do to just get ready is exhausting. And due to new laws it can take up to 60 days to close on a property sale, so plenty of time to relax, not!

Once I get a firm offer then its off to find a new house somewhere in mid- to northern Michigan. Yeah, some anxiety there in moving to a state dominated by a feudal lord that cares nothing for the people that live there (see plight of Flint, Detroit, and others MI cities). So, going from the most cosmopolitan city in Texas to a third-world state I once loved for its forests, state parks, and devotion to outdoor recreation. After 30+ years away its sad to see what it now.

Anyway, days of traveling with lots of butt time in the car looking at new homes, and hopefully finding something to make an offer on before returning one last time to pack up, say goodbyes, and get out once the sale is complete.

So, not much energy or enthusiasm for writing just now. Still lots of ideas and editing work to do but I find it hard to get motivated. Too many changes in the wind and I’m not sure my choices are correct.

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