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Why I Hate the Apple TV App

So, with the release of Apple TV and the Apple TV+ shows I’ve been using the TV app quite a bit lately. I’m really starting to be annoyed by what I consider not so little user interface (UI) behaviors that … Continue reading

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Apple TV+ Impressions

TLDR; I like it. The Good Apple’s television shows have exhibited great potential. They cover a variety of topics, settings, and environments. My personal favorites include: For All Mankind — an alternate universe story that starts with the Russians beating … Continue reading

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Why Apple, why?

So iOS 12 has been released and for the most part it’s a nice improvement over the previous version. Speed improvements, expanded capabilities everywhere, a nice upgrade generally. Unfortunately IMHO, the Control Panel for Audio is still nearly useless, requiring … Continue reading

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Apple Delivers at WWDC 2017

Finally, a new iMac to purchase. I’ve been waiting for about a year to purchase a new one, so once the keynote was over I rushed to the Apple Store and ordered one. The iMac 27-inch with Retina 5K display, 4.2GHz … Continue reading

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