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Forced to write dry technical material day after day for an ever changing industry. I now seek to escape into my personal fantasy world and tell its stories to all who will listen.

Storms and Built are in the Race

Both Storms on an Opal Sea and Built for Murder appear to be near the end of their final editing phase. If so, there’s a good chance that both will be released within a short time of their completion. Not … Continue reading

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Wouldn’t You Know It?

Barely 5 days after declaring the manuscript for Built for Murder golden I’m getting feedback from a beta reader with a host of excellent comments. It was not something I planned but its happened and now I’ll deal with it. … Continue reading

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Built for Murder Is Now Golden

In software terms I now have the golden master ready for duplication and distribution. It’s the final version ready for customers to read and enjoy. Monday I completed the final chapters live read through to rid those last pesky chapters … Continue reading

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Final Preparations, No Really

I hope to in one week be able to upload the final version of Built for Murder to Amazon, Apple Books, and Smashwords for pre-ordering sales. That is, give or take a day or two if everything works out. Still … Continue reading

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