Saving Brackett Station Released

Saving Brackett Station HeaderYes, it’s that time again, a new sci-fi story for your enjoyment.

Saving Brackett Station is now available on AmazoniTunes, and Smashwords. for your enjoyment.

Research Assistant Sharmaine Harper has about had it with everything. She signed on to work in Saturn space to be on the forefront of new astrological discoveries but discovered her real assignment was babysitting the station Personality.

When one of Saturn’s moons disappears she’s thrown into a desperate situation no one expected. Add in a mysterious stranger and his incoherent ship Personality who offers assistance and the situation spins totally out of control.

Can Sharmaine rise to the occasion and save both Brackett Station and Saturn? And where does that stranger get his fresh hamburgers?

Let me know what you think. If everything works out, I’ll be releasing two items next month, a short story and my first short story collection.

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Now suffering in the hinterlands of Michigan while trying to transform myself into a fiction author. Don't wait up.
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