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Words to Whisky ByThe renovations are finally done, both homes are now up for sale, and I’m back in Austin resettling into my writing life again. Got very little writing done while away as I was just too physically and mentally exhausted by the end of the day to do much of anything. The pace slackened a bit near the end and I did manage almost 700 words one day on my secret Bob’s Your Uncle project, but everything else fell to the wayside.

In no particular order and yet supremely important:

I need to rewrite the closing scene in Prince of Mules to make the main char appear a bit more assertive. Some reviewers commented that Ruele was just too passive and I agreed they had a point. But finding the right tweak to make it so hasn’t yet struck me and so – stoppage!

Once Prince of Mules is complete I need to prep it for release as an ebook, then add the final version into Chronicles of Bulinnärm. Then do one more round of edits on CoB, send away for a final proof to verify the printed version is all it can be, and then finally let it out into the wild. Probably in early November instead of the intended late October.

Somewhere in there I need to release Nemesis Probe as a freebie to help build my readership. The results of releasing The Huntress was much better than I had hoped and with a few more places to promote NP I hope to gain even more.

Once the final proof of CoB arrives, finalize the promotional material for its release and then make it happen.

Oh, and somewhere in there I need to edit the short story An Angry Mountain, the next Skar Doorishmurk adventure for release in December to finish out this hectic year of releases.

Meanwhile I need to continue prepping this house for sale next year, drive back to MO to spend Thanksgiving with siblings, possibly do NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) for the first time, and release a lot of material. I’ve got two projects I could use for this endeavor, 1) Festival of Murder, or 2) Bob’s Your Uncle.

For those unfamiliar with this yearly effort, they encourage everyone to write 50k words during November just for the accomplishment. It can be a book, short stories, whatever, the idea being to write and not worry about what its about, does it make sense, etc., just get the ideas down on paper. After that it’s up to you what you do with the material.

So yeah, it might get hectic around here soon. Did I say soon?

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