On Short Writing Hiatus

An Angry MountainWriting at casa Turovich is on hold for the moment as I’m up in Missouri attempting to renovate a rental home for eventual sale with my brother’s help. Truth is, Kevin knows much more about fixing things than I ever have and so I’m acting as the dutiful assistant and doing all the odd jobs. Was hoping we could complete the work in a couple of weeks but it looks like three weeks is closer to the truth.

Also, I’ve discovered that all the walking and cable work didn’t prepare me for real physical labor and I go to sleep every night aching in places I haven’t felt in years.

Once we dug into the inner layers we found a lot of issues that needed fixing, much more than anticipated. I originally bought the house with plans to fix it up some 8 years ago but that never quite happened and it became a rental property for the duration. With plans to move back to Michigan early next year it was time to divest myself of it long before the move.

Still, got plenty of time to release Prince of Mules and Chronicles of Bulinnärm in October so no real pressure yet. Still need to complete the plotting for Festival of Murder if I hope to write something during NaNoWriMo in November. Subplots are ready to go, its just the main plot that needs some help. An Angry Mountain should be ready soon as well for eventual December release.

Other than that, what’s up with all of you?

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Now suffering in the hinterlands of Michigan while trying to transform myself into a fiction author. Don't wait up.
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